All she knows

She believes that love is the river running between her legs

it rushes and makes her temporarily content

her current situation is rocky, we all know that

maybe that is exactly what she’s aiming for

but she needs to act fast

cos the road for stability has a low chance of changing her

she is what you call ‘in too deep’

her perception of love is something sinister

as she  marvels in fornication, it resembles the act of love to her

she revels in the chances of seeing herself, a woman in love

In love with the action, suppressing the mind

she tells me she feels everything but dumb to the feelings she is often shown time after time

many of men have tried to court her like a good lover should

one mistake 6 years ago left her still shook up

I suppose it doesn’t matter what you and I believe

this love is all she knows.


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