Pray chapter

I had a sit down with myself today god
Closed my blinds and had it away with the world today god
Tried to pick up my defence and up my offensive play. I’m trying to forget today.
I’m tryna play your game, sad to say you’ve got it in your corner. All I can do is fall in line. Hope that time fixes thus far, where the heart started to fall apart.
I lost a good thing, he ain’t ready to lead. Maybe that’s what I need. I’m just tryna see you, tryna reach you. Show you, know you.
But it seems like every doors closed right now, hard loving when he ain’t willing to try like I would implicate his life, unwilling to see the light. He so rightly deserves, he just decided to curve – a good thing.
I had a tough talk with myself today god
I tried to forget today
How he makes me feel warmth
How my heart just feels unjust – because of..
I wish I knew, I wish I knew



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