Ima let u in 


I can’t lie, been chasing away my days but keeping my demons close. I’ve been cut from the same cloth that clothed me and I just can’t seem to rid myself of those faults. It’s hard to come by people who share the same values without the same dreams. It’s amazing to me, that we can even be on the same wave. And I say If not me, then it’ll be him. Someone taking my spot because I allowed them. Indirectly giving them permission because I didn’t fight for what’s mine, selfish mind. So for that, it was my wrong, my downfall. But whose a hero without starting from the bottom, no ones ever started from the top and made their way down. Even the dead lay beneath us now and some of us aren’t even alive doing the things we do. Born to do great but enrolled as a slave, falling into the educational system, being schooled on how to quote some guy 50 years back. Who knows nothing about what it means to be alive today. My parents think it’s easier to be alive this way. 


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