Fashion my way

So I’ve often been asked about the way I dress and complimented on my style. People generally ask what brands I wear and how I achieve the look I have that day. In all honesty, I am a hoarder by nature. You will see me throwback a cardigan from when I was nine years old, yes 9! I didn’t grow much, short people’s gains.

I’m attracted to bright colours, asymmetric patterns and strong statement shoes. I go from one extreme to the next; some days I will be sleek and studious with an attitude to match and other days I will be chilled cooler than a fridge in a freezer. ICE COLD!

I would say that my style is always moving forward and back, what I mean by that is it’s continually going through the different decades I’ve seen and been attracted to. My style is very influenced by 90’s R&B and the music I grew up listening to. I believe your mood and vibe can affect the way you portray an outfit, energy does not lie.

To me, different brands, different moods and different energy affect the outcome of what I wear. Some days I want to feel high on life and classy so I will channel my inner Coco, some days I want to be rough around the edges so i’ll have loose curls, shades and a nice pair of fitted blue jeans. With fashion there is everywhere, anywhere and anywhere and everywhere in the in-between. Be confident in your clothing and the confidence just bounces off the walls and to the universe, then back.



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