Right On Time My Love.

I can now tell you what love looks like…

It’s something that’s always there, you can almost miss it. They say that love is all around and you just have to be patient and it will come to you. I saw it for the first time with you a month ago, you must have been beaming in your eyes electric; because that right there was love. I never looked at you the same after that, I would gaze into your stare only to have you question.

“Why you staring? – It’s weird, stop that!” He said.

Only for me to gaze again and somehow I knew, that look was love. I had only seen it before when I walked past an elderly couple one time, it was small, you would have almost missed it. As they held hands at the age of 80, you realise in that moment that love is timeless.

The truth about love is, it’s in everything; the breath you inhale of theirs, every bump in the head from laughing so hard; from crying so hard. From pure joy to the loudness of sadness. LOVE. Sometimes love can be messy but it is always pure, it doesn’t make a mistake with whom needs love, it is simply giving. I fell in love with a man without a heart, surely enough i’ve got half of mine to replace his. SHARE LOVE. IMG_1726


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