Thinking Out Loud

My brother says that there is no such thing as overthinking. He stands corrected, as I am the definition of an over thinker. I recently realised that unless I vent all these words and thoughts onto paper or in text that I will excessively talk, even when theres nothing to say. I am truly overcompensating for the silence. I’m actually quite chilled by nature, I’m impulsive and completely animated in every fashion. But that was my personal issue, my impulsiveness only benefitted one side of my life, not so much the other. I’ve come to find that not every opinion of mine is welcomed. As I have always followed the saying of which states ‘Only weak minds can’t handle the opinions of others.’ In a sense it is a very obnoxious way of thinking. I have since adopted a more considerate approach, sometimes my opinion needs not be spoken so people hear. Sometimes the silence speaks volumes and by doing so, I gain some of my mystery again. Now, I’ll admit there was a time when I was much more considerate but over the past 5 months I took on this serious version on myself on every occasion. Even I was becoming sick of my attitude, so here I am speaking to you, my followers and not even worrying about the grammar etc. I’m finding myself again and I believe it’s so important to every now and then review yourself and ask yourself, is this the person you ought to be or someone you’ve become comfortable being. If your answer is the latter, then this post is not for you. I am urging those who have taken a similar detour like mine and are looking to get back a piece of themselves, the missing link. For example, I recently rekindled my love for the sport Rugby, I did not realise it was so important to me. It separated me from my serious self and allowed my inner child to break free. I’m on my way, how bout you?


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