No love lost

Some days you are going to feel like the world has nothing nice to bring you. You’re going to go through the notions of whether or not to get back out there or just stand still. One things for sure that is that you’ve always been someone with an aura so bright that people gravitate towards you. Believe me when I say that the person that use to hold you close and say that they’ve got you; they’ll remember you years down the line. Even if things have gone so wrong to the point of no return, find comfort in knowing that they still think of you. Because a scent, a memory, the feelings will linger forever because YOU CHANGED THEM.

Don’t you realise that it’s a scary thing for anyone to admit, that someone came into their life when they didn’t feel so good or they felt good about the direction they were heading. Then you came along not expecting much, not expecting anything at all. But in the their time with you, you gave them thoughts they never thought of, gave them a different ideas to develop upon, made them want to be a better person.

You were good to them, so good. However, when someones not ready you cannot force anything upon them. Sit back, let them grow.

They will tell stories about the person who changed their life and for the better even if they could not be better for you. Know that they will be better because they have known you and have been touched by you.

let love and let god


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