Hey guys, vibe with me on this. It’s a short extract from a book I’m working on. Unedited, few errors but let me know how you feel about it

One day, someone said to me that you can cry all about it and stunt your own growth, but in the end only you can pull yourself out of this doom you’ve created. That person was me. So I’m going to write a story, my story; to tell you exactly how the goal can be to survive however the ultimate dream is to live. There’s a difference and usually this is where many writers will insert a quote that will be uplifting, on this occasion I will be no different. In honour of the late Robin Williams “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world” – John Keating. Evidently I live by this very quote, I truly believe your ability to formulate a sentence that can affect someone’s very being is powerful beyond measure. If you’re the type to hit the blurb and read the last page then this book isn’t for you and I suggest you go back to just living your life as you were. However, if you’re here to find some enlightenment and blunt advice then that’s what I can give you. Keep reading, I’m sure you will relate.

Let me talk about something very close to me and to a lot of you. LOVE. This is the purpose of my whole self. I understand that love can come in all forms and trust me love is always right on time. Its intentions are pure unlike the people it seems to carry at times. Let me be brutally honest with you, life is burning at both ends of the rope, we will never have moments like this again and so you can keep reading or you can take my advice right now and close this book and tell your mother that you love her, your father, brother, waitress…Whomever. After all, these are the people that are going to benefit from you reading this book. So go on, take your time. Come back when you’re ready for what’s next.


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