Sometimes in life 

So sometimes, life throws you shots you’re going to miss. This is just a trial, so try before you buy basically… 

Relationships – between family, platonic or romantic are a vital part of a persons growth. You learn socially how to carry yourself and who you’d like to be and not always what you project. It’s continuous lessons in how to attract the right people and the wrong people. This is all down to the energy that you give out; there’s a lot of people out there that will say, 

“I do not like negative energy, don’t bring that around me.” 

However what I say is, 

“Try me!”

The trouble is that there are so many bright individuals who allow weak people to dull their glow. This is a lot to do with personal insecurities that another will deflect onto a partner, friend or family. Deep down no one likes to feel vulnerable but people will look the part to suit their situation. Understand that as humans, we are programmed biologically to survive. If it’s going to help us evolve and ‘win the race’. 

What I’m really trying to say to you is, invite the negative energy in and use it wisely. Exhale it out and use it in the force of goodness and don’t be scared of it. There’s a rush in the danger of not always doing the good thing but doing the right thing to get the good win


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