Thinking Out Loud

My brother says that there is no such thing as overthinking. He stands corrected, as I am the definition of an over thinker. I recently realised that unless I vent all these words and thoughts onto paper or in text that I will excessively talk, even when theres nothing to say. I am truly overcompensating … More Thinking Out Loud

Happy Sunday Funday

Hey all, hope you’re spending your Sunday in the embrace of your loved ones and the ambience of good vibes only.  Just a write in to say, how great life is right now. Without struggles there is no growth and definitely no new learning. A persons ability to persevere even when there are many voices … More Happy Sunday Funday

Fashion my way

So I’ve often been asked about the way I dress and complimented on my style. People generally ask what brands I wear and how I achieve the look I have that day. In all honesty, I am a hoarder by nature. You will see me throwback a cardigan from when I was nine years old, … More Fashion my way

Ima let u in 

#HonestyHour  I can’t lie, been chasing away my days but keeping my demons close. I’ve been cut from the same cloth that clothed me and I just can’t seem to rid myself of those faults. It’s hard to come by people who share the same values without the same dreams. It’s amazing to me, that … More Ima let u in 

Love Yourz

This is definitely my favourite track off Forest Hills Drive by J Cole, take a listen. What’s your favourite track?

Luhhh u first 

   Listen here, not living is my only fear. I’ve thought too many times about doing great shit. Out here trying to recreate shit and not live it. I’ve been biding my time, tryna find someone that fits me like a glove. Tryna build love. When you can only feel love. And if you haven’t … More Luhhh u first